For us at THCC, youth ministry is our passion, and we are surrounded by an incredible array of gifted and resourceful people who share the same zeal for young hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. AFR_5926 The vision for THCC is for it to be a place where we see God’s hand; our mission is for people who come to THCC to have their hearts stirred, minds renewed, and for them to build Christ-centred relationships.

This is done in an atmosphere that allows children (and adults!) to have fun, be empowered, take leadership roles, and learn teamwork… all while witnessing God’s creation that exists all around this beautiful, wonderful place!

Our children have gotten so far away from the basics in life and we live in a fast-paced world…full of all the electronics that so often take their attention: TV, internet, radio, etc. In such a fast paced world for kids, sometimes the more simple and earthy things get neglected; like catching a fish, cleaning, cooking and eating it. Like gardening, caring for animals, survival skills, map reading, swimming, boating, appreciating nature, making things, and serving others – all things that children will learn here at THCC. In the near future, we hope to teach kids to ride and care for horses.

They get to do this on our campus of 97 acres of forested land located on the 122 acre Norwich Lake in Huntington Massachusetts.

A glacier lake located in the Berkshire Mountains, Norwich Lake is crystal clear teeming with multiple species of fish restocked annually; a perfect centerpiece for the surrounding hills with deer, moose, bear and other wildlife.

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