We can’t do the work we do without support. Any donations of time or money are appreciated.

If you are willing to give of your time, please contact us. If you are willing to support us financially, you are welcome to use one of the options below:

Why Donate?

 Timothy Hill was a young man with great vision. After his sudden passing, his parents Jerry & Fern picked up on that vision establishing a Ranch on Long Island 30 years ago to minister to boys in crisis between the ages of 10 and 21 yrs old.

In the same way, with the same spirit, Timothy Hill Christian Camp (THCC) is distinguishing itself in the same way. In addition to providing a place to witness God’s creation the Camp continues to grow in its ministry within the neighborhood, community and the region through service and ministry.

  • Delivering 3,000 to 4,000lbs of food weekly from the area Food Bank to the local Food Pantry for distribution to area town residents.
  • Weekly Bible Study at the local prison for Juvenile offenders. This voluntary study sees 1 to 16 residents weekly for up to several months.
  • Active participant with the regional High School Bible Club with over 20 teenagers meeting weekly.
  • Ministry to neighborhood friends and local youth from hammering nails, rebuilding dams to employing for cleaning and cooking to regular ongoing Bible study.
  • As a Community Service location, THCC has already helped several men and women satisfy their commitments, in fact one 30 year old man ended up moving onto the Camp for 3 months, finding a job locally, studying the Bible regularly and witnessing firsthand the blessings that come from a relationship with Christ.

Working with Straight Ahead Ministries of Massachusetts, the Camp is preparing to take in 1 or 2 young men from the juvenile prison upon release during the “off season” months from October to May. This ministry is progressing well and support is assembling quickly.

Here are a few ways you can help:

Instead of searching online with google or yahoo, searching using will send money to camp every time you search at no cost to you.  Use to shop over 1400 stores online and a portion of your online purchases will be donated to the camp.  You must register and designate Timothy Hill Christian Camp-THCC as your donation of choice.

If your company has an annual United Way Campaign regardless of the state you work in, simply specify Timothy Hill Christian Camp, Inc. Huntington Ma  01050 as recipient and we will receive your donations quarterly.

 Your support allows the light of Christ to spread in the darkness of Western Massachusetts.  At, you can set up automatic monthly donations via credit card through PayPal, a trusted, secure processor.  If a monthly donation does not work best for you at this time, a one-time donation came be made online as described above using PayPal on our website or by check payable to THCC.

Another great way to benefit THCC is to plan an event! Imagine having 97 acres on a 123 acre lake with accommodations to sleep and feed 100! What would you do with such a blessing? Plan a retreat, a fitness event, reunion, church gathering or day away  etc. Perhaps a spaghetti dinner at your local church, Jim will bring the homemade sauce!

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