Big Dreams

Timothy Hill Christian Camp offers many opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved, participate, help out and enjoy. Following is just a partial listing of programs and initiatives we hope to offer in time to reach people for Christ and love the people in our community.  This is our dreaming list and is limited only by the imagination and resources. If you see a project you would like to help with, simply contact us with your name and how you plan to help.

Stable and Horses

Stables and horses are hopefully on the way soon. We are excited to begin this project in the hopes that horses will be part of camp and retreat life soon. Timothy Hill Christian Camp has access to hundreds of trails for riding and beautiful scenery for our horses and riders to enjoy.

Toilet Block

Although the Lakeside and Hillside Cabins as well as the dining hall do have indoor plumbing, the other cabins do not and enjoy the rustic adventure of drop toilets! We would love to build a toilet block with indoor plumbing for the whole camp’s use.

Tree Houses

Remembering the focus on youth development, 2 if not 3 separate tree houses in close proximity. The highest tree house would be for 13-18 yr olds, another for 8-12 yr olds and possibly one for 3-7 yr olds. Each with age appropriate furnishings, decorations, accommodations and just plain ole fun stuff. Each child would be able to intercommunicate via cans and strings and or morse code.

With youth development comes change and transition right? Well the 9 year old is simply not allowed to enter the teen house. Then once turning 13 its not just a simple ladder climb either, the teen must swing, jump, pole vault from the younger house (unless handicap for which a team would assist).

Ropes Courses

Also known as a COPEs or teambuilding course. These are designed to be safe, challenging and rewarding for all participants. Often used by companies, organizations, departments,the course can also readily be used by families and friends as a way to help build trust and improve relationships while accomplishing common objectives. THCC already has a partially built Ropes Course but it needs to be repaired, renovated and certified before any campers can enjoy it.

Rochelle’s Shack

This “shack” will be based on the New York Times Best Selling Book, “The Shack”, by Williahere m P. Young. On the outside this cabin will be designed just as the cover of the book, rather shabby and run down in appearance. On the inside though it will be entirely different and unique from all other cabins. The inside will be a most comfortable, clean, quiet, sweet smelling sanctuary with very comfortable furniture and a very special library. This library will have numerous copies of many books written to help people who have lost loved ones to cope and find solace. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Death Dying and Recovery, Fern Hill’s Graduation to Glory, The Shack and many many more to choose from. This small comfortable cabin in a quiet place will offer these books free for the taking, it will also offer a place for counsel or solitude.  Please click here for more information on, or to donate money to, this project…

Obstacle Course

These courses are becoming increasingly popular as individuals test themselves physically and mentally. A good obstacle course will include all the elements, water, fire, mud, trees running, climbing, jumping, swinging, plunging. This course though will have a very unique twist; booby traps! Not designed to hurt but to slow you down should you miss the signs. With 97 acres of mostly wooded property on a 122 acre lake and human resources interest, capability and experience we should be able to design and build the most attractive course in the Northeast.

2 Stage Zip Line

The first stage will soon be fully harnessed and will be perfectly safe. Remember, youth development. The second stage is free hanging and ends in the lake and the only way to get from the end of stage one to stage two is by jumping, swinging, pole vaulting or something similar.  As one interested in helping to build it describes, “certainly no one could get seriously injured but if you want perfect safety go to Six Flags instead!”

Hunter Cabin

Hunter Delisle, like his parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents that surrounded him, had already established himself as an outdoor enthusiast with an unquenchable desire and enthusiasm for all manner of creation and creature. His zeal was second only to his innocence and curiosity. Hunter died tragically in 2007. This cabin will be designed to teach children the wonders of creation while testing their powers of observation.

Woodworking and Craft Shop.

We would love to build a Wood Working and craft shop featuring primarily but not exclusively hand tools. It would be designed to teach crafting and wood work during our camp season but would also serve as a shop for furnishing the camps needs for the long term.


A greenhouse would provide ample teaching and learning experiences for all of our campers and visitors to the camp in the areas of gardening and caring for God’s creation. In addition, it would help THCC to become more self-sufficient and provide fresh produce to the camp kitchens.

Natural Weight Room

THCC would love to create a work out room made out of all natural materials to be used onsite.

Outdoor Wood Furnace

While properly managing the grounds, an obvious resource which would dramatically cut costs and quickly show return on investment is an outdoor wood furnace with ducting and 2 modern heaters (one for the kitchen the other in the Dining Hall). The goal is to maintain a year round active facility and this item would be an enormous enhancement.

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