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Dates: April 25-26, 2014

The Speaker, Raul Fonseca is a follower of Jesus who is devoted to witnessing about Him and His word. He has recently served as Biblical Authenticator for the movie 33 The Story of Hope, which looks at the next 18 months after the crucifixion.  He was united with Christ in 1976, has extensive religious education, business and ministry experience, and is a professional tennis coach. He has been a Christian, both Catholic and Protestant, and is now a servant of Christ and one with those in His body.

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 Family and Volunteer Memorial Day Weekend

Dates: May 23-26, 2014

THCC is offering an amazing opportunity to come up and enjoy our beautiful property on Norwich Lake. We are looking for individuals and families who are willing to volunteer a day of work (painting, cleaning and basic building projects) preparing the camp for the summer season on Saturday, May 24th in exchange for enjoying Sunday and Monday at THCC for free! All meals and accommodation is included, although donations are welcome.

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Seniors (Grades 7-12) July 14-19            Juniors (Grades 3-6) July 21-26

The first set of Christian summer camps run by us here at THCC are going to be HUGE!!! You really don’t want to miss ‘em so sign up early!!!

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